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Content Submissions

OHLAY has been built to showcase the best riding on earth from all walks of life, no matter where you are, who you are, or how you ride, if you are pushing the limits you deserve a platform to showcase your skills to the world.

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Submitting Video's to be Featured on Our YouTube Channel:

Send your UNRELEASED video's via WeTransfer to

Submitting Video's to be Featured on Our Website:

Send the published link of your video to

Details to Include in Your Submission:

Please provide the following information in the Email:

1) Your First & Last Name + Your Instagram (include the names of all the riders featured).

2) Where you are from & where the video was filmed.

3) How long you have been filming for the video.

4) Who filmed the video.

5) Who edited the video.

6) A High Resolution Photo to be used as the Thumbnail (background) image of your video.

7) Why you would like to be featured on our Channel.

8) Your video

Regarding YouTube Channel Submissions: If we do feature your video on our YouTube Channel we will provide you with as much exposure as we can to help you get your name out there. Our goal is to properly showcase the time, effort, and love you put into your creation at the highest level.

Other Submissions:


Submitting Video's to be Featured on Our Instagram:

#OHLAYBrand on your Instagram Posts

Submitting Photo's, Interviews, Art, Product Reviews, News, or other initiatives to be Featured on Our Website or Social Media:

Please send all of your creative ideas and initiatives that push the sport of Scootering forward to - we want to see and help provide exposure to anything or anyone that is doing good to push our sport forward.

Submitting For Promotion of an Event:

If you are hosting an event (Ride Day, Competition, Street Jam, etc.) that brings Scooter Riders together we want to help you get the word out there. Submit the event flyer or details of the event to us at:

Jake Chatterly Edited (Credit Alex Parry
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