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(1000) OHLAY’s Top 100 Featured Videos [100-76]

Since the beginning of OHLAY, we have prided ourselves on creating a website that compiles all of the best scootering videos in one place. As the site hits the milestone of one thousand videos published, we decided to make a list of the top one hundred videos released since we first began publishing videos in October of 2018. While looking back, we were absolutely blown away, not only by the shear volume of videos, but by the amount of quality content that has been created within the community. It brought a smile to our faces to see and compare all different styles of scootering, whether it was the boys from Forest heading out into the streets everyday to bring the community more much needed full lengths, Byron Mitchell putting his body on the line to create one of the best park videos of all time, or Nelson Charles holding it down for the hybrid scene. We could not help but feel proud to call ourselves scooter riders.

The diversity of our scene has often been a source of conflict and divide in the past, but as we have all settled into our roles, whatever they may be, we should take a minute and feel proud of the worldwide scene, community, and family we have built. No matter how you ride, where you are from, or the opportunities you have received, we all share the same passion, and that should be celebrated. We hope that this list of videos is able to encourage you all to keep riding, keep creating videos, and keep working hard each and every day to push our sport to new heights. We are beyond proud that we have gotten the chance to showcase one thousand videos, and we are eager to see the next thousand.

Benji Zacharias

- OHLAY Brand

*DISCLAIMER* Scootering is a subjective sport & artform; as a result, we do not claim this list to be “perfect” or concrete in any way. There are endless criteria on what makes a great video, and we did our best to take on this daunting task and provide you with this list. We hope you enjoy it & welcome your feedback. *Coalition and Scoot Fest videos were not included*



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