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(1029) ScooterFarm | "Room Temp Fish"

Back in September the boys from the Scooter Farm took a trip to the West Coast with the intentions of filming their second mid-length video project. This video features full parts from Nick Tedrick, Chris Ferris, and Jon Dev, as well as appearances from Tommy Christiana, Beck Dobrzanski, Jake Sorenson, Pierce Dobrzanski, and more. As with all of the Scooter Farm videos, Jon Hamrick worked behind the lens. Jon did an outstanding job capturing not only the world class riding that went down on this trip, but also the good times shared by everyone involved. This is one that we will continue to come back to time and time again, and was an outstanding way for the Scooter Farm to kick off 2021. We are hyped to see much more from them this year. Enjoy.


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