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(1223) apple orchard

Where to begin with this one...

"apple orchard" was spearheaded by filmer, rider, and team Manager Parrish Isaacs, who has been proving himself in all facets since his introduction to Native in August of 2020. We have watched as the American branch of the Native team quickly transformed into one of the most influential and talented groups in our sport. Only six months after the release of 'CINDERBLOCK" , they are back, but this time with some fresh faces in the mix. After much speculation, Jason Cheety and Devin Szydlowski have officially been welcomed to the team and are seated alongside Nate Gendron, Mark Williams, Ezra Brauser, and of course Parrish. We are proud to have riders this talented and passionate at the forefront of our industry and to have someone with the visionary skillset of Parrish who is able to bring it to fruition. We are confident that these guys will continue to go above and beyond and are especially excited to see what Devin and Jason will bring to the table going forward.


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