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Get ready for a true masterpiece by Erik Olsen featuring many of the best riders in the U.S. today. Gumball is a true joy filled with 10+ minutes of incredible filming, beautiful riding, extreme difficulty, and lots of dudes having a great time. This is what Scootering is all about. If you missed this, you NEED to watch see this one.

Featuring: Reece Doezema Dakota Knight Austin Kerch Jamin Larson Jackson Harrington Noah Rogney Max Reinbold Eric Sather Antonio Cervantes Evan Mertz Jonathan Giordano Jayden Edwards Sava Muller Oskar Farley Benny Christensen Adam Fields Kyran Klimaszewski Riley Pehrson Ben Bursell Brian Griffin Billy Stodolski Tommy Christiana Riley Lehman Ryan Ruegg


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