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WOW... this is surely one of THE VIDEOS OF THE YEAR. The guys from North Scooters went on a huge roadtrip around North America and this beautiful film is the end result. Filled with non-stop bangers, endless creativity, and most importantly a group of guys getting together to have a damn good time. This video is truly reminiscent of what Scootering is all about, just riding, and having a damn good time with your friends. And if this happens to be the end result, hell yeah.

This masterpiece was filmed and edited by Ryan Ruegg & features: Laclan Gauthier, Ethan Kirk, Liam Davidson, Cameron McRobbie, Jordan Tutt, Ryan Ruegg, Kyle Dolgopol & Ryan Ruegg, Ethan Howell, Sean Macfoy, & Jackson Brower. It is seriously an absolute shame that this video only has 2,000 views in its first few days, go watch it and show these guys some love by sharing it.


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