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(264) Dissidence Coalition V3 Auguste Pellaud, Lucas Di Meglio, Maxime Bouzid, Cameron McRobbie

Get ready to lose it... the newest Coalition video is one of the greatest of all time. NON-STOP bangers after bangers for the entire video. This video was so fast paced you don't even have the time to take it in. After watching this you are guaranteed to have your jaw dropped for the entire duration of it. Massive rails, next-level combos, and much much more. As to be expected, Pellaud, Bouzid, & Di Meglio destroyed, but up & comer Cameron McRobbie did not let down in the slightest bit, proving he certainly has what it takes to ride with the best riders on the planet.

Filmed By: Bradley Morissey - this is one you cannot miss & should watch on repeat.


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