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(386) Thoma Gendre | 2019

Thoma Gendre has just dropped a very versatile edit that will really make you question the essence of riding, speed and style. Thoma has the ability to control his scooter with precise precision whilst taking his time, not needing to necessarily go fast, or slow down, throwing down 3 whips, board bars at a steady pace, barely loosing speed. This abillity is a rare gift nowadays in scootering, and i hope Thoma is aware of his abilities. Hopefully Proto Sccooters will notice this specialty of Thoma, and reach out to him. Well done for dropping such a banger of an edit Thoma, and we hope all your hard work and contribution to the sport pays of.

Go check out Thoma's Instagram and send him some positive vibes, and we will see you in the next post.


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