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(403) The Vault at Woodward East + Collin Treacy Edit

The Vault has changed up the way they are uploading riding videos. Rather than uploading 1 video at a time they are uploading several edits into one long YouTube video filled with bangers.

This video begins with tons of insane riding at Woodward East, & then transitions into a game of Scoot with Liam Fellows & Collin Treacy. Two up & coming riders who absolutely destroy it. From there, the video transitions into Collin Treacy's Woodward Video Part, and WOW it is absolutely mind-blowing. Certainly deserving of a stand-alone video, regardless it's great to see Collin in the mix. His video is filled with truly mind-blowing tricks. Collin has such a diverse style & he can really do anything. From there the video transitions into a game of Scoot with Sean Cardwell & Dan Barett. 30 minutes of riding you don't want to miss - enjoy


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