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(422) Fifty Fifty Scootering | Tommy Dang x Lewis Crampton x Danny Roberts

Recently two of most knowledgeable & all around great dudes in the industry: Lewis Crampton & Danny Roberts began a new podcast: "Fifty Fifty Scootering". Both Lewis & Danny have been riding for a combined 25 years and have paired together to chat & inform the industry as a whole. Both Danny & Lewis offer countless great insights into the industry today, the roots of the sport & a whole lot more. Paired with some tea & good conversation they take on the legend: Tommy Dang as their first interviewee. Tommy has traveled the world & is one of the gnarliest riders to ever set foot on a scooter. Tune in for a great listen & lots of insight from 3 of the best dudes in the industry.

If you missed Lewis & Danny's introductory episode to the show, watch it below:

And if you haven't yet, feel free to give a listen to episodes of the OHLAY Brand podcast with interviews from: Dylan Morrison, Kai Saunders, Dan Barrett, & more.

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