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(553) Tilt Year No. Ten

Tilt just dropped a new full length video to celebrate 10 years as a company and it is truly one to remember. The Tilt crew took a trip to Woodward West in 2019 to spend a week riding, hanging out with kids, filming, and celebrating the company they love so much. The video features clips from Eden Gagliano, Will Cashion, Will Judy, Isaac Miller, Collin Snoek, Wyatt Hester, Zach Rowan, and Joe Vos. Every one of these riders killed it and clearly had an amazing time at the camp on and off the scoot. This masterpiece was produced by the incredibly talented, Daniel Cardenas and he truly outdid himself. The filming, editing, song selection, and overall vibe of the video was amazing and you should all go show him some love for all his work on this video as well as all he does for scootering. Big shout out as well to Tilt and Collin Snoek for all they have done and continue to do for our amazing sport. Your work does not go unnoticed. Here’s to 10 more even better years! Now grab some popcorn and enjoy this video, it’s a good one.


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