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(562) Andris Balto Kvien | Addict Scootering and Eagle Supply

Andris Balto Kvien just dropped a new part for Addict and Eagle and it is going to BLOW YOUR MIND. Andris hails from Oslo, Norway and has been killing if for years. His diverse bag of tricks, fast paced style, and mind boggling technicality were all shown fully in this part and it is clear that he put all he had into it. This young gun has so much left in the tank and we cannot to see what is to come for him in the upcoming years! On top of all of this it was produced by the incredibly talented Bjorn Lillegraven who is hands down one of the most underrated filmer/editors on the planet. Go show both Andris and Bjorn some love on this masterpiece, they deserve it. Enjoy.

If you want to see more of Andris and Bjorn check out the Venture Crew's latest project's down below!


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