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(597) Timo Stürmlin in Barcelona | AO 2020

Timo Sturmlin just released a new video for AO Scooters and it is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Timo was recently welcomed to the AO PRO team and this video shows why. AO sent him to Barcelona for two weeks to film this part with the extremely talented Pol Roman behind the lens and they managed to come home with this five minute masterpiece. Timo's skill set is truly like no other, from MASSIVE handrails, to wall rides that will make your head hurt, to some of the most technical maneuvers you will ever see, he truly is one of the world's best. Huge shout out to Timo for putting all he had into this part, the hard work showed! Big ups as well to Pol for killing it behind the lens as always and to AO for giving their riders opportunities to take trips and film videos like this. Videos of this caliber are something that our industry is needing right now so go show some loved to everyone involved in this one. Hope you all enjoy this one. Do yourselves a favor and watch it more than once...IT JUST GETS BETTER.

If you want to check out Pol's latest video the link is down below:


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