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(632) OC3

Trendkill just dropped a new mid-length video on their channel and it is one of the videos of the year so far. This masterpiece features full length parts from Nathan Treloar, Ian Macdonald, and Angel Dominguez. All three of these guys have an incredibly unique style and bag of trick that makes this video one of the most diverse of all time. From technical clips that will leave you speechless, to outrageous manual combos, to some of the craziest handrail clips you will ever see, these guys can put a video together right. It is not often that a video can combine clips from the streets and parks this effortlessly, but they have found a way and it is yet another reason why this video is one to be remembered. Go show them some love on this one, they deserve it. Big props as well to Nathan for filming the majority of this video and editing it to perfection, he killed it. Hope you all enjoy.


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