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(662) Matt Ogle 'The Word'

The man behind Brother Supply, Matt Ogle, just dropped his next full length video part for the company and it is one of the best videos of the year. Matt went hard for this video and all of his efforts payed off. He has an insanely unique style and bag of tricks that makes any video he produces one to remember. He can do it all from mind boggling technical clips, to outrageous drops and gaps, to even hitting up an abandoned water slide and making a run for trick of the year. This is one you don't want to miss. Big shout out to Matt for working so hard to provide our industry with videos like this and for killing it behind the scenes with Brother. Go show him some love for all he does for our sport. Hope you all enjoyed this one as much as we did.


Theo Kotyk

Mike Dejong

Andy Koke

Austen Hailey

Ian Hotchkiss


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