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(664) Luca Strohschein | Trendkill

Trendkill just released a new full part by Austrian shredder Luca Strochschein. Luca has an incredibly diverse riding style which allows him to utilize any type of spot he comes across and always keep you guessing what type of insanity will come next. From outrageous technical clips to terrifying handrails, this guy knows how to make a video right. This one was produced by the legend Tobias Mayer who never ceases to amaze us with his talents behind the lens and on the scooter. Make sure you go show Luca and Tobias some love on this video, they deserve it. Big shout out as well to Trendkill for always holding it down for scootering and for giving videos like this the recognition they deserve. Hope you all enjoy this one.


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