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(672) CURBS by Bjorn Lillegraven

Bjorn Lillegraven just dropped a beautiful parktage to promote "Curbs" shop in Norway. This masterpiece features riding from Emrah Øyvåg, Mattias Haugland, Bjørn Lillegraven, Mathias Island, Martin André Stangenes, Lukas Fuglerud, Henrik Pollestad, Mikkel Myhre, Sten Magnus , Lars Michelsen, and Audun Solstad. All of these boys killed it and clearly put their all into this video. On top of all this it was filmed by Bjorn and Sten who are truly magicians behind the lens. This video was perfect from the trick selection to the production and you should go show everyone involved some love, they deserve it. Scootering needs more content like this, hope you all enjoy it as much as we did.


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