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(710) AOSV5 | Charles Padel

Blunt Scooters just dropped the Charles Padel's AOSV5 sig deck promotional video and it is one of the most beautiful videos OF ALL TIME. Charles is a legend in our sport and this video shows why he is widely considered one of the best to ever set foot on a scooter. Charles, alongside Martin Du Champ behind the lens, decided to take this video in a new and refreshing direction and filmed a FULL BOWL VIDEO PART. No one has ever filmed a full bowl video before and it is safe to say that the next person to do so has some big shoes to fill. Charles' incredible style, massive bag of tricks, and aggressive approach to riding allow him to utilize bowls like no one else in the game and we are so hyped that he decided to dedicate this special video to promoting this aspect of his riding. Both Charles and Martin worked incredibly hard on this video and it payed off, go show them some love on it. Big shout out to Blunt as well for giving their riders the opportunity to film videos like this and promoting the progression of real video parts. Hope you all enjoy this one.


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