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(727) Ethan Kirk | North Scooters

Canadian shredder Ethan Kirk just dropped his welcome to North scooters video and it is one you DO NOT WANT TO MISS. He has been holding it down for the Canadian scene for many years and this video proves why he is considered one of the best rides to come out of The Great White North. Ethan conquers some of the craziest rails we have ever seen in this video and will keep you on the edge of your seat form start to finish. It is clear that he put all he had into this video and we CANNOT WAIT to see what he does next, go show him some love on it. Huge shoutout as well to North for always giving their riders the opportunity to film videos like this and to Mitch Tramer, Cameron McRobbie, and Cam Crook for holding it down behind the lens. Enjoy.


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