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(773) AGEN CITY GROOVE by Bradley Morrissey

Trendkill just dropped a new video by Bradley Morrissey featuring some of the best young talent that the south of France has to offer. This masterpiece features riding from Lucas Saint Hilaire, Marius Bonnier, Guilhem de Sonneville, and Arthur Frugier and we CANNOT BELIEVE that they managed to get all of this footage in only one session. From outrageous rail manuvers, to manual combos that will leave you spinning, to some of the craziest ledge tricks we have ever seen, this video has it all. These guys are truly pushing our sport to new heights every day and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for them. Go show everyone involved in this project some love, they deserve it. Big shout out as well to Trendkill for giving videos of this caliber a place to shine. Enjoy.


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