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Ladies and gentleman...Kevin Austin. Kevin was recently welcomed onto the Native Scooters team and has been working incredibly hard for months on this project to ensure that his spot on the team did not go unnoticed. From daunting handrails, to outrageous manual combos, to some of the most unique and well executed technical clips we have ever seen, he is truly a one of a kind rider and this video showcases just that. Kevin has been a huge part of our community for so many years and is a and know that he has so much more left in the tank. Make sure you go show him some love on this project, he deserves it. Big shout out as well to Native for giving their riders the opportunity to film videos like this and to everyone who worked behind the lens. Make sure as well to go watch all of Kev's previous video parts including his Welcome to River, Welcome to Downside, River Sig Wheels promo, 2019 Coalition video, and many more. Hope you all enjoy.


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