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(942) Scootfest 2020 10th Place | Team France

Team France had a tough go at this years Scootfest. Due to restrictions in their area only three out of the ten riders were able to film a video for the contest. That being said, the three that did manage to produce content buckled down and were able to represent their country extremely well on the world stage. These three riders were Esteban Clot, Nelson Charles, and Josephine Zgorski. Nelson walked away with a very respectable 16th place in the park contest, Esteban's video earned him a solid 12th place in park as well, and Josephine made her country proud taking home the 2nd place title in Queen of street/park. This was overall a very impressive showing from the French and we know that they will be bringing the heat next year with their full lineup of riders.

Full French Team:

Charles Padel (Captain) -OUT

Esteban Clot

Nelson Charles

Elisa Polonio - OUT

Joséphine Zgorski

Jonathan Perroni - OUT

Jules Lefèvre -OUT

Auguste Pellaud - OUT

Boris Germain -OUT

Lucas Dimeglio -OUT


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