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(945) Scootfest 2020 7th Place | Team Rest of the World

Coming in at ninth place we have the Rest of the World team lead by team captain Sogo Sakakibara. Team ROW was made up of a very diverse group of riders ranging from legends like Tommy Dang and Sogo, to young up-and-comers such as Noah Koller and Sebastian Salge. Sebastian came up big for his team as he was one of the only riders in the contest who managed to produce a video for both the park and street contests, and his efforts payed dividends earning him 15th in King of Park and 19th in King of Street. Tommy and Sogo were also able to post good scores earning Tommy 19th in street and Sogo 23rd in Park. This was all in all a good showing from the Rest of World team and they should be very happy with how they performed in this years World Cup.

Full Rest of World Team

Sogo Sakakibara (captain) Tommy Dang Noah Koller Reinis Garbulis Ryu Miyahara Sebastian Salge Seiya Taguchi Beatrise Krumina Tobias Salge - OUT Jeppe Nielsen - OUT


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