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(952) Nick Tedrick & Tommy Christiana | 2020

Ladies and gentleman...Nick Tedrick and Tommy Christiana. Nick and Tommy have been leading the charge in the worldwide scooter scene for years now and decided to bless us with a rare and beautiful split video part for Ethic Scooters. They filmed this video over a few months in North Carolina with "the professor" Rudy Garcia behind the lens. The trick selection, spot selection, style, production, and amplitude of tricks showcased in this video were off the charts and demonstrates why they are universally considered two of the best to ever set foot on a scooter. Tommy's technicality, flawless execution, outside-the-box approach, and massive trick bag has never been more evident, as well as Nick's fearlessness, precision, dedication, and control. We are so happy to have guys like this in our industry who day after day prove that the limits of our sport can be pushed. Go show Nick, Tommy, and Rudy lots of love on this project, they deserve it. Hope you all enjoy.

Also, More footage from Nick coming out real soon in the new Mokovel "Scoot Culture" video on December 5th, as well as parts from both of them in the Scooterfarm trip video which will be out in the near future. Lots to be hyped about in the coming months!

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James Webb
James Webb
Dec 01, 2020


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