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(957) Cameron McRobbie | A Night Out

Canadian legend Cameron McRobbie just dropped his second full part of the year, and it is one for the books. This video showcases Cam's diversity, control, precision, unrelenting positive attitude and genuine love for scootering. We were blown away as usual by his unique rail selection, and were thrilled to see him pull off some uncharacteristic 5050 combos which he executed with ease. There are not many videos that tow the line between heavy and feel-good as well as this one does and it speaks volumes to the type of rider and person that Cam is. He should be extremely proud of this project, make sure you go show him some love on it. Big ups as well to Jacob Bruno, Ethan Kirk, and Mitch Smitten for all of their hard work behind the lens. Hope you all enjoy.

If you have not seen Cam's Sig Trynyty grip tape part from a few months back, click the link below and check it out:


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