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(966) adult responsibilities? | Totals Montreal

The boys from Totals Montreal just dropped their new full length film "adult resposibilities" and it is one you do not want to miss. Totals has been holding it down for the Canadian scene for some time now and we are so happy to finally see this video that they have been teasing for so long. "adult responsibilities" features riding from Clovis Boudreau, Joran Bouchard, Jeremy Armstrong, Jeremy Houde, Benji Lemieux, Nathan Perreault, and many more incredibly talented riders. This video has a very unique and raw feel, and it is a mystery to us how this masterpiece has less than 500 views. These guys deserve a lot of love on this one so make sure you give it a watch and send it around to your homies. Very few crews are filming full length projects like this anymore, but we know that with people like this in our industry, quality videos will always be on the horizon. Hope you all enjoy.


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