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Jared Adelson
May 06, 2019
In General Scootering Talk
Hi Everyone, This forum has been created to help unify the Scootering community by giving us a place to chat and connect amongst each other, learn more about the industry, and help answer any questions for any riders or anyone simply interested in Scootering. This forum is intended for you to discuss anything related to Scootering and the industry, along with other topics that interest you personally. General Guidelines: - The threads have been created in categories, please use the categories to ensure your post will get answered and seen in the correct place. - Be respectful and kind to others. - Create new threads and discussions as you please. - Do not troll & treat others like you would if you were interacting with them in person Overall, we aim to establish as few guidelines as possible so we can provide this platform for you to use your creativity and have freedom of expression, but we insist that you be kind to others, minimize trolling, and act as you would if you were interacting with others in person. Please note, if anyone is acting unkind towards others, or causing disruption in the forum in any way shape or form, we reserve the right to lock or delete your account if deemed necessary. Simply use common sense and be kind and no ones account will ever be deleted. Ultimately, please enjoy, and feel free to begin by creating a thread to start any discussion you’d like. Big big love to you reading this, Jared Adelson

Jared Adelson

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