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(1006) Mikhin Zachar | Kickscootershop

Mikhin Zachar just dropped his welcome video for Kickscootershop. This is hands down one of the most slept on videos to come out in the past year. Mikhin recently decided to shift his focus from park riding to a more street oriented style. Often times when this happens it takes a while for the rider to feel comfortable in their new role, but not this kid. He has somehow found a way to fully embrace his new style, while still incorporating some very technical and more "park" based tricks in the process. It is safe to say that this is one of the more well rounded videos we have come across, and gets us excited to see yet another young Russian rider making a name for himself in the worldwide scene. Make sure you go show him some love on this one, and we cannot wait to see what he cooks up in 2021. Enjoy.


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