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About Us

OHLAY has been built to showcase the best riding on earth from all walks of life, no matter where you are, who you are, or how you ride. If you are pushing the limits you deserve a platform to showcase your skills to the world.

    - Jared Adelson (OHLAY Brand | Founder)

What Is OHLAY Brand?:

OHLAY Brand is the only all-encompassing Freestyle Scootering content platform. Featuring: Scootering Videos, Podcasts, News, Events, & Clothing.


We are constantly showcasing the best Scooter Riding on earth to promote the progression of our sport, provide inspiration, create opportunities, unite our community, and expand our sport to bring more joy into this world.

Purpose & Vision:

At OHLAY our Core Purpose is to invoke progression, joy, and community between human beings and scooter riders around the world. Our Vision is to bring opportunities and growth to the sport of scooter riding.

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Rider: Jared Adelson
Photo: Benjamin Friant
April, 2017
Lausanne, Switzerland
Jake Chatterly Edited (Credit Alex Parry

The Birth Of OHLAY:

“I started Scootering as a young teenage boy, and this sport has given me more joy, memories, discipline, motivation, and friends then I could ever have imagined. Scootering has given an outlet to me, and to so many individuals around the world to express their creativity, take a break from reality, and most importantly, have fun. Scootering teaches valuable lessons that transcend into life beyond the scooter: enabling individuals to apply determination, focus, and effort to reach their dreams." - Jared Adelson (OHLAY Brand |Founder)

OHLAY – Derived from the Spanish word “Ole” which was used as a shout of approval, triumph, or encouragement. Our goal is to help the scooter industry triumph, grow, or rise above and reach its full potential.

Why We Are Here:

"Growing up as a scooter rider in a small town, it was incredibly difficult to find external inspiration from the scootering community around the world, because I simply did not know where to look. There were so many talented riders, but it was very difficult to find these riders to look for inspiration when entering the sport. Even more difficult was to join the community and show what I could do. There was not a consistent platform built to showcase the industry's best & upcoming riders.

After countless hours of devoting my mind and body to this sport, I decided it was time for me to give back, and now I have devoted countless hours to building OHLAY, a brand and movement that is here to expand and grow our sport and community.

This sport has given millions of individual human beings a passion, friends, community, motivations, and joy. I aim to spread this joy, love, motivation, and progression to scooter riders/human beings around the world.”

        – Jared Adelson (OHLAY Brand |Founder)

Invert Edited (Woodward) - Jared Adelson
August, 2016
Woodward West
Rider: Jared Adelson
Photo: Will Cashion
The OHLAY Brand Podcast - Horizontal PNG

Still Want to Learn More About OHLAY?

Episode 1 of the OHLAY Brand Podcast features OHLAY Founder Jared Adelson, where he explains in depth: why he has created OHLAY.

Join The Global Community - Robby Mier P


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