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(1134) Native and Evil's "CINDERBLOCK"

Cinderblock is a beautiful representation of Nativeu's American presence. Just a few months after the release of the first Native full length video part "In Our Nature" which gave us a look into their heavy lineup of Australian talent, it is nice to see that their teammates across the globe have been been working just as hard behind the scenes. Spearheaded and put together by Parrish Isaacs, it is easy to call this one of the most well put together videos of all time and is clear that he had a vision for it from the beginning. This project contains full parts from Parrish, Ezra Brauser, Nate Gendron, and Mark Williams, and served as all four rider's introductory video to the Native team . These guys put in more work than anyone and it shows in the final product. This is one for the history books. Go show everyone involved lots of love on it, it is well deserved.


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