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(341) Aztek Scooters | Steel Curtain

Get ready to sit down & have your mind absolutely melt as one of the best videos of the year is hear to grace your soul. 15 minutes of non-stop raw Scootering: massive drops, next-level rails, manual combos, & countless moves of techincal wizardry. Incredible video production & limits being pushed. This is one you DO NOT want to miss Support rider owned brands like Aztek & purchase their revolutionary Scooter Parts here:

Featuring: Logan Fuller Grant Kleppinger Mike Hohmann Joey Moore Eva Campbell Olivia Monks Jack Mount Eric Harkless Alex Merkosky Brian Noyes Mike Hincapie Casey Strickland Austin Coates

Filmed By: Olivia Monks Logan Fuller Dan Barrett Mike Hohmann

Edited By: Olivia Monks


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