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(405) B.L.T.N.

Wow... where to even begin. This video was an absolute masterpiece: a full length film produced by Alex Blome & Will Judy out of Seattle. This video is a perfect documentation of all the beauty, fun, & creativity that goes into Scootering and creating something you're truly proud of. Alex, Will & all of the guys featured in this video put in so much work to produce this & it's incredible to see the end result of their hard work paying off, in the release of this video online for the world to see. The video starts off with up & comers David Williams, Alex Fish, Michael Hall, & Gus Norton throwing down a variety of unique moves & incredibly difficult combos. From there the video transitions into Will Judy's incredible video part filled with creativity, style, difficulty, & perfect execution into everything he does. After Will, our own, Alex Blome GOES IN on an incredibly heavy part that is sure to blow your mind. Alex not only destroyed it in his own part, but produced this entire video & he surely deserves so much credit & respect for making this happen.

After Alex's part the video is surely not over because there are many more bangers to come from the lights of: Keegland, Keegland, Patrick Schnieder, Jackson Burkland, Skippy. Keegland set it off incredibly strong with some of the craziest manual combos we've seen all year. From there Patrick Schneider will absolutely blow your mind with some of the craziest tech riding & banger imaginable. Still not over... because then you're blessed with Jackson Burkland going in FULL SPEED at some of the gnarliest gaps & handrails you've ever seen. And just wait until the end... Mac Skippy going in with what has to be one of the most insane parts of all time. Every single trick in his part was absolutely mind-boggling. He's able to spin his scooter around so quickly, all with such style and grace (and while hitting) some of the gnarliest rails, gaps, & drops imaginable. Overall, this video is one YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS. Congratulations to all of the dudes in this video for making it happen, especially Alex & Will for bringing everyone together on this one. ENJOY & show them some love and share the video. Featuring: David Williams, Alex Fish, Michael Hall, Gus Norton, Will Judy, Alex Blome, Keegland, Patrick Schnieder, Jackson Burkland, & Skippy. A Production by: Alex Blome & Will Judy


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