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(549) 8 BALL | Volare by Dakota Knight

Volare just dropped their most recent mid length project and it is ONE TO REMEMBER. This masterpiece was produced by the insanely talented Dakota Knight and it is clear that he put all he had into this video. "8 BALL" features riding from Jamin Larson, Jackson Harrington, Derek Marr, Tommy Christiana, Devin Szydlowski, Benny Christensen, Erik Olsen, Garrett Braz, and many more incredible riders (full list in video). From terrifying handrails, to mind boggling tech combos, to massive drops, to some of the most stylish clips you will ever see, this video has it all. Massive shout out to all the riders in this video for putting themselves on the line to push our sport forward, to Dakota Knight for working tirelessly to provide our industry with content like this, and to Volare for continuing to push our sport to new heights everyday. Hope you all enjoy this one.


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