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(495) 2019 World Cup - Scootfest

Scoot Fest just dropped the full highlight video for the 2019 World Cup and it is HEAVY. This year Scoot Fest decided to pit 4 nations against each other for the title of world Cup champions (USA, UK, Australia, and Europe). As well as the overall title of World Cup champions each individual rider was battling it out for the title of King of Street, King of Bowl , King of Park and King of Kings. Big shout out to Scoot Fest, Dogg Scooters, Aztek, Grit, and Crisp for putting on such an incredible event. Also big congrats to the Reece Doezema on King of Street, Richard Zelinka on King of Bowl, Chris Ferris on King of Park, Richard Zelinka on King of Kings, and of course the U.K. team for taking home the World Cup title.

World Cup Champions (U.K.): Jack Ward, Indy Clayson, Eden Gagliano, Dante Hutchinson, Jayden Sharman, Lewis Williams, Basil Chipo Mareya, Archie Cole , and Leo Spencer


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