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(568) Brian Noyes | AO Scooters

Get ready for one of the most highly anticipated Scootering videos of all time. Brian Noyes, WILL NOT DISSAPOINT, this video is one for the history books. Brian worked for 3 years to produce this 9 minute video and it will go down as one of the all time greats for Scootering. Brian handles some of the biggest drops that have ever been hit on a scooter and takes countless slams like no other to create this masterpiece. After watching this video it will be clear, Brian has NO FEAR and some of the biggest balls in Scootering, hands down. Brian is one of the most dedicated riders in the world, pouring his love, energy, body & soul into riding and this video could not do a better job showcasing his love. Just wait for the banger, and you are truly in for you mind to explode from one of the largest drops in Scootering history. Seeing Brian's joy after landing the banger could not have been a better way to finish off this masterpiece.

THIS RIGHT HERE, THIS IS SCOOTERING. This is what it's all about. Brian, you are a true legend. Thank you for your effort, time & love you have put into the sport and this video. This masterpiece was edited by: Olivia Monks

Filmed by: Mike Hohmann Logan Fuller Olivia Monks Nate Gendron John Cottle Zack Martin Anton Abramson John Evans Matteo Mencuccini


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