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(570) MSCB 3

Trendkill just dropped a new mid length project from all the shredders at the core of the scene in Moscow and it is NEXT LEVEL. The Russian scene is incredible and this video makes it clear that will continue to push the limits of our sport farther every day. "MSCB 3" features riding from Maxim Grafskiy, Sergey Grafskiy, Arseniy Ziryukin, Ivan Solovyev, Vlad Barketov, and many, many more of Russia's best. This video showcases all of these riders' incredible talent, from massive handrails, to stylish lines, to mind blowing technical combos, they can truly do it all. Huge shout out to everyone who was involved in this project. Videos of this caliber are few and far between these days and it is amazing to see people still putting in the effort for parts like this! Massive props as well to Pavel Algazin for doing such an amazing job with the production and to Trendkill for giving videos like this a platform to get the recognition they deserve. Enjoy.


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