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(577) Dissidence Californiacation Family Trip

Some of the boys from Dissidence just dropped a new video that they filmed on a trip to California a few months back and it is TRULY INCREDIBLE. This masterpiece features riding from JD, Ethan Izzi, Adrien Kingolo, and Lucas DiMeglio. All of these boys have insanely diverse styles and have no trouble shredding any obstacle in their path. Rudy Garcia was behind the camera on this one and is one of the best filmer/editors that our sport has ever seen. Huge shout out to Dissidence for consistently producing content of this caliber, to Rudy for being so loyal to the scooter community, and to JD, Ethan, Adrien, and Lucas for pushing our sport to new heights everyday. You guys DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS ONE. Hope you enjoy.


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