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(625) AOSV5 | Jonathan Perroni

WOW. Jonathan Perroni just dropped the long awaited promo video for his Blunt AOSV5 sig deck and it is OUTSTANDING. Jonathan has been killing it for so many years and it is no shock to anyone that this video is one of the best videos of the year, even of ALL TIME. His incredible technicality will make your head spin from start to finish, from beautifully executed manual combos, to insane ledge combos, to some of the craziest handrail clips we have ever seen, this guy can do it all. Big shout out to Bradley Morrissey and Luca Thiebault for killing it behind the lens as always and to the incredibly talented Jeremy Suchet for being the photographer on this project, you guys did an amazing job. Hope you all enjoy this one.


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