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(640) BLUNT | LageLanden

The boys at Blunt recently dropped the video for their LageLanden tour back in August of 2019 and it is one you DO NOT WANT TO MISS. This video features riding from the entire Blunt Europe pro team which consists of jonathan Perroni, Ivan Jimenez, Flavio Pesenti, Didine Terhchague, and Charles Padel. They were in Belgium and the Netherlands for two weeks and shredded many incredible street spots as well as a couple bowls along the way. All of these guys have incredibly unique styles that compliment each other perfectly and will leave you blown away the entire time. This video was filmed and edited by the legend Rudy Garcia as well as some additional filming by the incredibly talented Martin Du Champ. Go show everyone involved in this video some love, they deserve it. Hope you all enjoy.


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