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Get ready to have your mind absolutely melt, by one of the craziest videos of the year (if not, one of the craziest of all time). Levi Knight has come out of nowhere in the last few years, to exploding onto the scene and making it clear he is one of the most talented riders on the planet. Levi is pulling off tricks that no one could even dream of doing, and yet he makes each and every one of them look so effortless and fluid. Levi is truly leading the charge of progression today. This video features some of the most technical tricks to ever go down, some of the gnarliest kinked rails we've ever seen and 50-50's that just don't even make sense. Nearly every trick in this video is one of those tricks you just wouldn't have thought to be possible. The future is bright for Levi, and we hope to see many more parts coming from him and hope to see Levi get opportunities and support that can further push him and his motivation to push the sport as a whole. Truly remarkable Levi, congrats on the new video.


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