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(741) Real F**king Scootering V3 - by Connor Ransley

A new video just dropped strait from the core of the NZ and it is one of the best of the year so far. This video features riding from Beau Wing, Connor Ransley, Cory Griff, Joel ingold, Jordan Chan, Mac Daniels, Micheal Wilson, and many, many more talented riders. It is not often that a video combines such a diverse group of riders with different approaches to riding but when it happens it is truly a beautiful thing. From MASSIVE park combos, to perfectly executed technical lines, to some of the craziest flip variations we have ever seen, these boys know how to put a video together right. If this video doesn't make you want to break out the real camera and go film with your homies we don't know what will. Huge shout out to everyone involved in the filming of this video for pushing the limits of scootering everyday and to Connor Ransley for spearheading this project and killing it with the production from start to finish. Hope you all enjoy.


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