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(743) Meta - Willy Cashion

Get ready for an absolute banger... Willy Cashion's newest masterpiece is like nothing you have ever seen before. Will has been one of the most dedicated individuals in Scootering, both on and off the scooter for quite some years now. Will put in so much time, love & effort into this video and it truly shows, in an end result that is quite unlike anything else out there. Not only is Will incredibly talented on the Scooter, his creativity & unique style couldn't be more clear in this video.

Will edited this part himself, and put everything he had into it. All 10+ minutes of this video was crafted with clear intentions, and vivid edits. Between Will's editing, music choice, trick selection, difficulty, & great filming by Daniel Cardenas, this is a video that will go down in the books. Enjoy & a huge shout out to Will for putting everything into this video & Scootering as a whole.

Filmed by

Daniel Cardenas

Will Judy

Cole Ginter

Clayton Lindley

Edited by

Willy Cashion


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