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Cameron McRobbie just dropped a new video with two days worth of footage from CJ Skatepark in Mississauga Ontario. This masterpiece features many incredible riders from the core of the Canandian scene including Ethan Kirk, Mitch Smitten, Devin Morgan, Cameron McRobbie, Jacob Bruno, and many more. We are so hyped that these guys decided to bring out the real camera and film a video that will be remembered for years to come instead of dumping all their clips on insta. Everyone involved in this one gave their all and it payed off BIG TIME. From the filming, to the trick selection, to the overall vibe of the edit, these guys know how to put a video together right. We have lots of respect for every single of these riders and cannot wait to see what they do next. Go show them some love on this project, they deserve it. hope you all enjoy.


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