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(762) York Region Park Mix

Canadian legend Cameron McRobbie just dropped a new video on his channel and it is unbelievable. This masterpiece features riding from Mitch Tranmer, Mitch Smitten, Ethan Kirk, Devin Morgan, Jacob Pearce, and many, many more incredible riders from the core of the Ontario scene. These boys managed to stack clips at a variety of parks in their area and will keep you on your toes with their extremely diverse trick selection and exceptional usage of the parks. From fly out clips, to manual combos, to outrageous rail maneuvers, these guys can do it all. We are so excited to see people putting in the time to film real videos and we can’t wait to see what they do next. Somehow this one has LESS THAT 200 VIEWS, so make sure you go show them the love they deserve on it and run up that view count. Special shout out to Cam for killing it with the filming and editing and for consistently putting out quality content like this. Hope you all enjoy.


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