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(767) Jaouen Rider - Welcome Pasah Brand

Jaouen Rider just dropped his welcome to Pasah Brand edit and it is one of the most unexpected videos of the year! Jaouen is one of the most underrated riders in our industry today and this video showcases his effortless style, incredibly diverse bag of tricks, and next level drive to progress and push our sport to new heights. From huge park combos, to terrifying bowl gaps, to outstanding handrail clips, he can truly do it all. Huge shoutout to Jaouen for putting in the time and effort to produce a real video part that will be remembered for years to come, go show him some love on it, he deserves it! Big ups as well to Damien Escafignoux from Swell project for killing it with the filming and editing. Hope you all enjoy this masterpiece.


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