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Mokovel recently revamped their "Mokovel Sessions" video series and decided to kick things off with an incredible edit from Antoine Baldisserri. You may know Antoine from his work behind the lens on countless videos over the years as well as some of his riding videos with Wise Scooters and Mokovel. His effortless technicality, next level balance and clear drive to push his riding, as well as the limits of scootering to the next level make this video one to remember. Go show him some love on this masterpiece, he deserves it. Big shout out as well to Florian Bechet for killing it behind the lens, to Ruben Mokoveli, Gus Aubert, Fanch Leménager, and Ewen Dausse for making an appearance in the video, and to everyone at Mokovel for working every day push our industry to new heights. Hope you all enjoy.

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