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(777) Wyatt Hester - 120 Hours

Wyatt Hester just dropped an AMAZING video for Tilt Scooters and you do not want to miss it. Wyatt had been scoping out spots in his home town of Salem, Oregon for some time now and decided that it was time to put them to use. He and Will Judy spent five days in Salem filming for this video and re-kindling their love of scootering. It is hard to believe that this masterpiece was only filmed in 120 hours, and that speaks to the hard work and dedication that both Wyatt and Will put into this project. They went hard and their efforts payed off. Make sure you go show both of them some love on this video, they deserve it. Also, be sure to you watch this one all the way through and read what Wyatt had to say about it at the end of the video, it came straight from the heart. Hope you all enjoy this one as much as we did.

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