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(782) Ryotaro Colon | Welcome to Twilight

Ryotaro Colon recently sent us this video, and we knew we needed to put in on the channel. Ryotaro worked for a full year on this project, and his hard work payed off. When he originally sent us this one, he made it clear that this video meant a lot to him because it is an attempt to, as he put it... “broadcast the idea that you don’t need to only ride street or have an expensive camera or editing software to produce something worth watching. I think that in this way, my video being featured on the channel will motivate other riders to film an edit no matter their circumstances.” We could not agree with this more. We are so hyped to have people this passionate in our industry, who keep working day after day to push the sport we love to new heights. We hope you guys can take something away from Ryotaro's video and words, we sure did. Go show him some love. Enjoy.


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