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(785) A.DOM | Angel Dominguez

The OC boys, Angel Dominquez, Nathan Treloar, Ian Mcdonald, and Anthony Logan have recently finished up filming their next set of solo video parts and will be dropping them within the next while on Trendkill's channel. These boys are fresh off the release of their outrageous mid length video "OC3" a few months back and we cannot believable that they are already dropping new videos. THAT IS COMMITMENT. They decided to kick things off with Angel's video, and we were absolutely blown away by his outstanding trick selection, flawless execution, and fast paced style that had us drawn in from the very beginning. His passion for riding and filming is portrayed beautifully in this video and we cannot wait to see what he does next. Big shout out as well to Nathan Treloar for killing it with the filming and editing. Keep your eyes peeled for the next OC part on TK's channel. Hope you all enjoy.


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