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The boys from Mokovel have done it again. They dropped this video in honor of their brand new apparel line, "MASSILIA". This video, however, is not only a riding edit like we would normally see. It also focuses on an area of scootering that deserves more recognition which is the community that it brings and the good times that can be had off the scooter. Mokovel has coined a term for this which is "ScootCulture", and it is beautiful to see a company and it's riders put so much emphasis on building a community that is this well rounded and long lasting. It is clear that these guys had a great time filming this video and they blew us away with everything from the riding to the production. Big shout out to Ugo Leonce, Charles Padel, and Flavio Pesenti for putting their all into the clips, to Martin Du Champ for killing it behind the lens, to Antoine Baldisserri for the incredible editing, and to everyone else at Mokovel for making this a video to remember. Hope you all enjoy.

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